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Youth Participants, welcome to your page!  This page is set up just for you and will contain some great information specifically for empowering you to be the best you can be.  Watch for future updates and information Just For Us Youth!  Enjoy YOUR page!

Hey Y.E.T.B.C.  a new school year has begun and are we not excited!

How has your school year been?  Tell us about it.  Send an email to and tell us what your most significant challenge has been so far this school year and how you overcame it or are working to overcome it. 

Go ahead, let us hear from you.  We'll post your responses on the J.F.U.Y. page for your peers to see.

Have a great school year.





Did you know that after you've poked the penguin over and over, you can go to Gameville by clicking on the "More Fun Stuff" icon?  Try it now!